FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
YourMod.Cloud frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Why YourMod.Cloud ?

    A: We offer a cheap solution for you to store your files, our FREE plan offers 50GB Storage & Unlimited Traffic (with ADS) & if you want a PREMIUM solution we got it ready for you with Unlimited Storage & Traffic !

  • Q: Is this free?

    A: Yes, downloading/uploading is 100% FREE for all users. We offer premium accounts which allows greater flexibility with downloading.

  • Q: When will the files be removed?

    A: Files will be kept on our servers until Uploader decides to to take them down but if they are inactive for more than 30days they will be auto-deleted or until they are reported.

  • Q: Who can upload to YourMod.Cloud ?

    A: Everyone, but those who seek to make money should wait a bit since our Reward Ssytem is still in Alfa!

  • Q: Which files types are allowed on YourMod.Cloud ?

    A: All kind of files such as APK, ZIP, RAR, PNG, JPEG & more.

  • Q: What kind of material can be uploaded to YourMod.Cloud ?

    A: All kind of material BUT the only restrictions are for pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive material, copyrighted material. Please check our ToS

  • Q: There are some files on our servers which may have been subject to copyright protection, how can I notify you of them?

    A: Via our report abuse pages.